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Snack back to the Basic

Che! Is a food company, which focuses on the healthy snack sector. The idea for this company began when one of our co-founders was diagnosed with anemia. As a self confessed snackaholic, she tried to find snack options that met her health and nutritional need but she came up empty. Just like anemia, certain health conditions are connected to poor nutrition. This connection has led to the unmistakable and growing movement, across all demographics, toward healthier eating. From our bottom up research, we discovered that people need nutritious and great tasting snacks that satisfies their hunger, health needs and taste buds. That’s when the Che! team decided to solve snack time dilemma. 

What's your Che! moment?



"A surprise or an event that brings joy to your day".



 "Smiling because something or someone has delighted your heart".



"Life biggest momments and transitions should be shared".

A treat for your body and soul

CHE! is a word meaning and bringing excitement around the world. With 4 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein per 1-ounce serving, CHE! crisps are the new go-to snack for those who demand great taste and simple ingredients. 

We are the

First ever vegan friendly nut-free stabilized caramel and toffee snack

Che! has

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds

Because we are committed to great health our crisp are

Vegan Friendly
Baked Not Fried
Plant Protein
Nut Free

Che! understands

that snack time is fun time!

Take the Che! Pact

At Che, we develop recipes and flavors which satisfy the taste, health and nutritional needs of customers just like you. With Che! Your health and taste buds count, which is why we create every bite to enhance the productive lifestyle of our consumers.

At Che, we developed proprietary recipes with healthy and non-traditional ingredients. This means that we do not use any potato, corn and sugar syrups in our snacks. We combined ancient grains, fruits and vegetables to create a sweet, great tasting, low calorie crisp packed with key nutrients needed in the daily life of a consumer.

Our product is not a cookie, not a cracker and not a chip. It’s CHE!, a word meaning and bringing more “excitement” to the world in the form of a healthy snack!


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